- Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the best way to find, compare and book inter-city bus tickets online. Browse our selection of cheap bus tickets for travel between cities all over Morocco. Our website and mobile app will let you compare prices, bus schedules and pick up and drop off locations so that you can find the cheapest bus ticket for your trip, in 10 languages and 25 currencies. No more waiting in line at the bus station to buy a ticket!

If the prices are the same, why should I use

We strongly believe that the booking experience with is more enjoyable and more efficient than elsewhere. So we’d like you to put it to the test!

We accept all international credit cards. So you won’t have any issues paying, regardless of where you live.

We offer the best customer service possible. It is our absolute pride to do whatever we can to help you.

Our customers certainly seem to agree with us. You can read what they have to say here:

Do you have a smartphone app?

Yes, we most certainly do! Android

What are the features of your apps?

Our apps allow you (just like on our website) to buy bus tickets. If you already have a account, you can log in with with the same credentials (email and password). You will of course also find your pre-booked tickets in your cart and you can purchase your tickets. Our apps are completely synchronised with our website, so you can pre-book a ticket on your phone and then complete the purchase on our website (or vice versa!)

Why can’t I refund my ticket?

Certain ticket conditions do not allow refunds or exchanges! These conditions are set by the operator’s. We have no hands on it and we have no choice!

The rule is very simple :
¤. If the operator gives you the right to reimbursement, then we reimburse you.
¤. Otherwise, we can not reimburse you. For real. The ball is not in our camp.

Can you make an exception?
Unfortunately no. As we are not the ones that decide on the ticket conditions, we are not able to override the operator’s terms of sale. We also cannot refund you out of our own pockets, as an exceptional gesture. Maybe if we had unlimited funds, though for now this is not a feasible business model.


See our FAQ for answers to most questions.

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